Friday, March 18, 2011

Coming out of the Craft Closet

So, I just need to admit it to the world.

Although my skills are sorta lacking, I'm a crafty gal.

Meet Jan--she's my new fancy sewing machine!

And how do I know this? Well, I just got a new sewing machine yesterday which I am totally excited about. All I want to do today is cut and sew and create. By the end of the day, i will have stuff for three items cut (and hopefully even pinned). I have fabric for two more dresses for the girls behind these projects. And I am planning a Lego blanket/quilt (but I'm not really a quilter, or so I told Penny who taught me how to use my new machine) for Josh and am even contemplating making a thing or two for me. Two of the things I am making I am doing so without a purchased pattern (which is exciting and a bit nervous--I don't like failing).

Beyond this, I know that I love to layout and scrapbook.

And I love to write. And cook.

So I guess I should admit it--I have a creative piece of me.

But now I need to come to terms with some of my feelings about craftiness, creating, and the people who do it. Some of those things are:
  • Its okay for things to look handmade. In a world that values perfection and uniformity, some imperfection and quirkiness is needed and acceptable. I shouldn't feel bad about that.
  • It is okay to create and feel some pride in doing so.
  • It is okay if my desire to sew and create fills another in the list of stereotypes about homeschoolers. Not all stereotypes are wrong--but if I ever start to make myself a long denim jumper saying that it is both modest and fashionable, please shake some sense into me.
  • It is okay to instill in my kids a passion for creating, even if they are in "home-arts." K can't wait to learn to sew and I bet that one day J will be cooking quite a bit. And I am wondering who will be the first one to turn their own pen.

Christmas Pajamas
 Now that I think about it, our entire family values artistic expression in music, dance, sewing, writing, drawing, wood-turning, and creating. I can only hope that one day I get to hear my kids say: "I grew up in a family of creators. That's where I get it from."