Thursday, June 3, 2010

Pursuing a dream

So I hereby publicly declare that I am pursuing my dream.

Sort of.

For my entire life I have dreamed of being a published writer. Actually, to be specific, I dreamed I was such an excellent writer who had such mastery of words that I was awarded the Pulitzer Prize.

Now, I just dream that I can complete a piece of writing.

But to that end, I am actually doing something about it. I am now meeting regularly with a woman who is interested in writing and words. Every time we meet we will each have something written to share with the other for critique, enjoyment and ideas.

It is fun yet scary to think about having someone critically read my writing. Honestly, I think, "what if my writing really stinks--'cause in my head I think it might be the beginning of something good."

To practice my writing skills, I have actually started writing. Because in the end, I can talk about how i love to write all I want, but it is the act of putting pen to paper and letting the words flow that makes me a writer. I try to write every week. Sometimes it's great, sometimes its horrible. But at least I try to write.

But here comes my problem. I don't know what to write about. If left to my own too long, I always come back to two topics (which while they are worthy topics, they don't always have to be my focus in my writing): parenting (both that I am doing and that I experienced) and faith. And usually, it is the intersection of those two things.

So I would like to ask you, dear reader, have you a brilliant glimmer for me? Some inspiration? Some fantastic thing I should write about? Ultimately I know any writing will have to come from my head, but I don't mind gleaning any ideas I can (isn't that what Ruth did to survive in a difficult time?)


Rebecca said...

Oh, do I have an idea for you! :)

I am doing a lot of scrapbooking these days, and therefore follow a lot of blogs related to that. One blog I recently started following at Faith Sisters, focuses on the idea of faithbooking. As I understand it, it's the idea that scrapbooks can be valuable for helping us articulate and pass on the the importance of our faith.

Anyway, so they are doing a year-long series over there called My Lifetime Story. Each week, the post a prompt that is meant to inspire a scrapbook page, but I think they could be very useful as writing prompts. :)

Check out this link:

Casey, Annie, Brooklyn and Paige said...

One word: memoir. Do it!!!