Saturday, August 6, 2011

Foolishness to the World

I can admit I live in a sheltered world. I just don't face much faith-related opposition. Don't worry, I'm not complaining, but am just pointing out a truth.

This week I realized that Eric does not live in the same world that I do. Often we talk about how people he works with react to the different things our family does. With my good intentions, I tell him to shake it off.

Earlier this week, Eric and I were golfing with his co-workers. It was the work golf outing. This year we were paired with a couple I really like but don't know all that well. Really, we see each other for work functions, weddings, and funerals.

Throughout the course of 18 holes of golf with a sit-down dinner, we find out things about each other, which means, for the first time we shared with them about our desire to adopt siblings and where we live in the city.

And they just didn't understand. "Why don't you just have more kids?" " You don't really live in the inner city do you?"

I realized that we could explain it 'til we were blue in the face, but they just can't understand. The tugging of the Holy Spirit on our lives and choices looks like foolishness to the world. We can't really even explain it in terms that will make sense to them.

So now, I think they are baffled by us. Eric has reported to me that others are baffled by us as well. And now I understand better what it is to look like a fool, but also to know that at the end of the day, the life we lead is a response to God's call.

Maybe others will see God in the lives we lead. At least that is my prayer.


Anonymous said...

Be a fool for Jesus Sammy!
rachel v.

Anonymous said...

I have learned that there are many times in our lives when following God's calling does not always seem "normal". But, I have also learned that God's plans are better than our plans! Moving to Lesotho made no "normal" sense, but Anita and I have no doubts that we are right where God wants us to be! Listen to God and you cannot go wrong!!

Rebecca said...

And then there are those of us, who rather than be baffled, are in awe of your faith in following God's leading and inspired by your developing story.

There is part of my current life that is definitely beyond my understanding, and it reminds me constantly that God is writing my story and I just have to follow along. Believe me, I've thought myself crazy more than once!

Anonymous said...

I am very proud of where you guys live and somedays Rob and I wish we lived where you live. We have felt God leading us to urban ministry at some point in the future...don't know when, but we'll know when it's time. We need to engage in our neighborhoods and communities. We're trying to do that here. While it isn't easy, there are always opportunities. It's hard when people don't get it, but know it's not everyone that doesn't understand.