Friday, May 3, 2013

End of School!!!

Roughing it on the Oregon Trail
(especially when you have to mash your own
cornmeal from popcorn kernals using a meat tenderizer)
Even though this has probably been the craziest year known to our family yet, we did manage to accompish a good deal of school. Starting at the French Revolution and Sir/King/Emporer Napoleon and ending just after the Civil War and the reunification of the US, we covered a lot of fun history. The Oregon Trail & Wagon Trains. The Trail of Tears. The beginnings of inventions that ushered in the Industrial Age.
Look, we made compound!

We learned more about writing and math and thinking and problem solving.

We ran laps and played games and learned more about sports (even if they weren't loved by all).

We were part of a Bible Study that led us to study, more deeply, the book of John and the life of Jesus Christ.

Art Prize with our Field Trip Group
We toured around West Michigan on field trips with friends.

Baking Class!
Most importantly, we all grew up a little bit (or a lot bit), realizing that we are each part of a unique family that has to work hard together. Mostly, though, the kids just think we make them work too hard. They've learned how to change their sheets and sort the laundry, how to read a recipe and measure out ingredients, how to work together to clean up after dinner (so Mommy doesn't have to do it all).

Although it wasn't the year I expected or planned, it was a good year. There were plenty of stops and starts. Three separate weeks of walking pneumonia--one week for each kid. A sudden book deadline that no one expected. Finally, a referral which is leading to a family trip in only a week.

Olivia--Leaving Kindergarten
But we've laughed a lot, we've read some good books, we've had fun.

Josh--Leaving 3rd

It was a good year!

Katie--Leaving 2nd 

Class Picture May 1, 2013
Jersey Junction
(because every school year needs to end with ice cream!)

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