Monday, June 3, 2013

Safari in Africa!

So if you asked my kids and they were totally honest with you, one of the top two reasons we were coming to Africa was to go on safari.

I have no idea how to explain this past weekend to you--even I couldn't have understood it without actually seeing it. I'm not sure I can explain the sheer joy of being stuck behind three rhinoceroses who don't care that you are behind them while they eat their way down the road.

Watching a young giraffe scent the air and decide it is safe, bending down to take a drink of water.

Being stopped by a herd of leaping impala as all 30(ish) of them dart across the red dirt road to safety--followed by the male of the group who isn't going to leave his ladies.

Chasing a bothersome vervet monkey away from the open air porch you are on--because he wants a bit of what's on your plate.

Staring at stars--the complete milky way, but from the southern hemisphere and not knowing any of them and realizing again just how small you really are.

Watching the sun set across the African plain with colors so beautiful you want to weep for the sheer joy, magnitude, creativity, and splendor of the hand that made it.

So I could try and tell you, but I won't because in my writer's heart, I know that my words would utterly fail.

Much love,

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Skooks said...

I hadn't really thought of how odd/awesome it would be to look up and see a different sky. Wow. You guys are having quite the experience. Thanks for checking in. :)