Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Some contemplatings

Lately, I've had time to think and when I do, I always think in the form of what I would post on this blog. Silly, I know, but in my head, I've had about 10 really great ideas for fun/quirky/heartfelt/reminiscent/reasonable blog posts.

So instead of busting my butt right this moment to get every single great thought down on paper, I thought I would list out the titles of said posts along with a blurb and you can tell me which ones you want to read.

They are listed in order of nothing. Just random thoughts.

Strength and Dignity--the aging process is real, but trading in the grasping for beauty for strength, wisdom and dignity. And chopping wood gives you a strong back and great arms!

Freeze Frame--for the first time ever, I looked at all four of my kids and wanted to freeze them right now, in their stages of childhood before I loose them to growing up (which is happening faster than I would like).

This is how much I love her-- As a homeschool mom, there is a certain amount of can-do-it-yourselfness that I have. But I love my RADish daughter so much that I am sending her to school. Here's why.

What I learned about parenting on a cross-country vacation--Truly, it was ugly. Full of moments I'm not proud of.

End of school 2014/Beginning 2014

The Elusive shiftiness of "Calling"--I've often struggled with what a call looks like in my life: to do something big and different and change the world. To seek justice. To walk with mercy. To serve those with great needs.

A New Kind of Mommy Guilt--I'm not one to struggle with such things, until it comes to adoption and attachment and all the things that we didn't know.

Meeting Baby June--yep, we went to Utah to meet our new cousin. It was fun--and there are lots of gratuitous baby pictures. But also prompted a lot of thought about babies and parenting and attachment and beyond.

A Novel Update--Things have happened and haven't. Betcha you're curious as to what. And maybe you know someone who could help me.

So, I guess if you're being technical, that's only 9. Oh well. Someday I'll get to writing them. A bit sooner, if you'd like. Or anything else. Sometimes what's hard on a blog is that I don't know that the mundane parts of my life are interesting to others. Can I share something that would be an encouragement to you? Let me know, I'd love to try.



Skooks said...

I'd read anything you wanted to write about. With that being said, I'm interested to hear what is happening with your novel, with sending Mali to school, and the mommy guilt post. You should write all of them, but you could start there.

Karla Coffman said...

I giggled at "this is how much I love her". I agree with your move on this issue. It's all about integration.
I feel for your "Strength and Dignity". The wisdom attained in life is so unjustified. I'm tired of still "Learning my Lesson" by doing something wrong the first time.
Keep your chin up!!!

Brian Koning said...

So I agree that I would read anything you write, but if I had to order a few things...Strength and Dignity, Novel Update, Mommy Guilt, Cross Country Parenting, and then Baby June (Mostly nosey to see J with his little girl! :))

Rebecca Ligtenberg said...

I really enjoy reading about calling, and I'm curious about your RADish, because I have had other friends who have struggled with that. However, I always enjoy what you write, so I'll be reading along whatever you wrote next.