Monday, May 11, 2009

About Mother's Day

So I was having some thoughts about Mother's Day and wanted to share them. 

First, it is an awesome privilege to be a mom. No matter how it is that a woman came to be a mom, it is a journey--it is filled with lots of emotion and growth, but I know I am a better person because of my kids. 

Second, it is an awesome responsibility to be a mom. Sometimes I get overwhelmed with how responsible I am for my three little people. I know that how I love and what I teach will shape the way that they see the world, the way they function within it, how they see God and his love, what they look for in friends and in spouses, how they will themselves eventually parent someday. And its not that I am being too hard  on myself, I am just merely counting what is at stake. And I am overwhelmed by it, but at the same time I have great peace because I know that God holds me and mine in His hand and that regardless of how I parent or what happens to our family, God can and will use my kids for His will and Kingdom. 

And now, some of my favorite moments from yesterday, Mother's Day (which I am petitioning to become a quarterly holiday instead of just annual).
  • I was woken up by three sweet voices giving me kisses on the cheeks wishing me Happy Mother's day (and a cup of perfectly done coffee!)
  • Eric made me a fantastic breakfast, which I think he should do more often! 
  • I was presented with a hand painted outing bag--it's super cute and will be very useful.
  • I think that the stated goal at church yesterday was to see if they could get me to cry. It worked. 
  • I got to take a 9 mile bike ride that was great--with the exception of the wind always in my face and the fresh smells from the few cow farms. 
  • J got his first fish, the pride on his face was worth a thousand pictures. 
  • OG took a nap on "my belly button"
  • After some caffeine and motrin for my nasty headache, I had a nice time hanging with the in-laws. 
  • This morning, K and I laid in bed together and then she let me put her hair into a practice bun for her dance recital. 
  • Beyond the shadow of any doubt, I know that I am loved. Deeply.

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Marissa said...

Sounds like you had a super sweet day. I'm so glad! And I'm with you . . . bring it on quarterly. :)