Sunday, July 12, 2009

Week #6 Recap

Okay folks, I'm really in it--even seasoned runners are training for the marathon by now. I think it is fair to say "I AM A MARATHONER!"

Monday--3 miles (30.47)
No biggie, three miles on the track. Ran well. Felt great in my feet (not so great in my knee). Ran two great miles (both at 10.04) and a fairly slow last one.
What did I learn today? Well, you can't drink pop all weekend and then expect to feel well hydrated for a run on Monday morning. Oops! I guess diet and hydration really does matter (which I already knew, but am marking this because of my own stupidity). So now I am actually contemplating a diet adjustment for the duration of this challenge (which is interesting to type considering the fact that I am sipping a Coke as I type this). I think I will even more severely limit both my alcohol and pop consumption for the next 14 weeks, especially on days before I need to run. And I will up my intake of water--because that makes sense, is healthy, and really, water generally. Starting tomorrow. . . ;o

Tuesday--3 miles (34.35)
Ick! What a slow, sluggish run. If I run this slow all the time--a marathon will feel like forever. I don't even want to run another 3 miles that slowly. In fact, I'm afraid that I might just throw in the towel. I don't want to run this slowly.
On a minor note, my knee is achy today. I don't like these aches and pains. Is this going to be the way that it is? Do I just have to deal with this throughout the whole time? Am I strong enough to deal with a pain? Not to just throw in the towel because it is hard?
As Lance Armstrong told me yesterday during my workout: "Pain is temporary, Quitting is forever!" Thanks, Lance.

Thursday--0 miles
I've had a hard time working this run into my life. For some reason it never works out that I can get this run in--like this morning, I was supposed to go out at 7 a.m., but then I was up with Olivia for two hours--it's pretty hard to get up to run when you haven't got enough sleep. Then, I was going to go out later in the afternoon, but to be honest, I don't like running in the afternoon--it cuts into the rest of life and disrupts the regularly scheduled programming. So I didn't run.

But then Friday came and I ran
Friday--2.45 miles (24.21)
Oh goodie, the kids are at zoo school and I can take OG to the gym for a few minutes and get in one more run this week before the long run. I quit a bit before I should have, but I didn't want to push too hard because tomorrow I am going to run 9 Miles! Ack! Am i nuts? (and I believe that the answer should be affirmative!)

Saturday--9 miles (1:38:30)
Yikes! Today we ran 9 miles. What do I say about a run like this? Parts of it felt great, parts felt awful. There were times when my legs felt great and there were other times where they felt as though they were made of lead (which Eric so kindly pointed out is at least partially correct). Towards the end (about mile 8, heading into the finish) my legs and knees were done--they didn't want to run anymore. I kept going, but there definitely wasn't any sprinting at the end of this run.
Only complaints--still working out the knee thing, I don't want to complicate my entire life by ruining my ability to walk by hurting my knee. And, I've got a hot spot where I could very likely develop a nasty blister. But really, I was tired and very hungry after I was done but I was okay. And now I have a week left to psych myself up for a 10 mile run.
At some point I am going to have to get over the "this is the farthest that I have ever run" attitude. At some point the novelty needs to wear off (which it is, quickly).
Also, I am noting that my emotional commitment to the whole marathon race aspect is very volatile--as in one day I feel great that I am a marathoner and then next I wonder if I have it in me to complete. I think that these are normal, human emotions, but seriously, I wish that I could just know that I can do it--just look ahead in the magic ball and see myself crossing the finish line and know that the aches and pains and inconveniences and determination are all worth it, that I am better person at the end of this. There were moments during this run when I seriously thought--"well, a half marathon is respectable as well" but I don't want to give myself that out yet. There is no reason to--I still have 14 weeks to get there. And by the Strength of God, I will.

"I can do all things through him who strengthens me."
(it's a lot easier to quote that one than live it sometimes!)


Casey, Annie, Brooklyn and Paige said...

You ARE a marathoner :-D I am very proud of you, you are an inspiration!!!

Meika said...

You rock, Sammy. You CAN do it. Have you tried any visualization, like before bed? I figure if it works for birth, it might help for a marathon, too. :)

MEIKA said...

Also. YOU FREAKING RAN NINE MILES. That's insane. Sorry I didn't call back today; it's because I'm a flake. And now I'm going to bed. See you tomorrow?