Monday, August 3, 2009

About this day. . .

So I am inspired by Simple Mom. I love reading her--a recent post tried to shed light on her being someone who "does-it-all" that really she doesn't do it all. And I got to thinking, I am actually pretty hard on myself, so I thought that tonight I would list what I did do in a day, after those things that I didn't (note my attempt to be positive.) But I bet I'm going to find that I do a lot more than I think I do during the course of a day.

Today, I
*Did not finish all the tasks on my list
*Did not make a fresh loaf of bread as I had intended
*Did not make myself that nice cup of tea in the morning
*Did not watch any TV (not like I do on any other days either!)
*Did not have a break down, yelling stretch or even a bad attitude (Sometimes I even shock myself)!
*Did not waste a great deal of time toodling on the computer.

But Today, I
*Did love on my kids and husband
*Woke up at the appointed hour.
*Started my day with a huge list of things to do (at least I had a list)
*Accomplished some of the things on my list, including cleaning my room, unpacking from recent trips, filled the fish tank with water, threw out the nasty dead plant in the living room, signed K up for ballet, sorted, washed, and even put away some laundry
*Showed Love to Eric by filling his coffee cup numerous times.
*Started my day ahead of the kids including some time to meet a Dear Friend for breakfast.
*Went blueberry picking for the first time ever.
*Made a fantastic meal from scratch for my family and the in-laws.
*Wrote a long email letter to someone whom I love.
*Soothed a little boy who had his first Bee Sting.
*Spent special time with a middle child who doesn't always get special time her way.
*Managed to have 30 minutes quiet in the afternoon where the kids played and I finished my book.
*Cleaned the kitchen and put out at least some of the recycling.
*Clocked out (mostly) by 9:30.

All in all, not a bad day. And better yet, I had a good attitude to match the day. Here's praying for a better one tomorrow!

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