Saturday, January 14, 2012

January 11--The Goal

So, January 11 has come and gone.

And Eric and I still remain speechless at what God has done through his people.

I don't really know how to say thank you in an adequate way. The words that I wrote (and am still writing) thank you notes don't seem to say enough.

God has used you to encourage Eric and I through some very difficult and discouraging days this past month. Thank you!

January 11th was the date that Lifesong set as a goal date for our fundraising. Our goal was to raise $2500 from family and friends to match a $2,500 grant from Lifesong. On January 11th, we had been given gifts from friends and family totaling well above the goal.

I get very choked up when I think about that. Isn't God good? Every gift, every giver, every amount is precious to us.

To understand what this means to us, I think there needs to be a bit of explaining. In the past few weeks our case worker shared with us her belief that we will not be able to adopt siblings from Lesotho because she has never seen what we are asking for. The week after that news, she suggested that we consider switching countries and now adopt from Uganda where we could adopt two non-related children at once, thus fulfilling our heart's desire. After much prayer and discussion, we have decided to remain true to our original call and intent, understanding that it may take longer than we had originally desired and we still may not have siblings come into our home.

When we add up the gifts we were given, the grant, and our current savings, we have enough to pay our next payment to adopt 2 children for Lesotho. This little bit of math is confirmation for me. (Although, the cynic in me says: yes, but the gifts you were given will also pay the fees for one child as well.)

We are so blessed. We hold tight to God's promises and our heart's desire.

Thank you!

P.S. Our next big financial item will be plane tickets and travel costs, which are about $2500 per person right now. Any gift made to Lifesong on our behalf is ours to use until we have reached the full amount of all adoption and travel expenses. Any amount raised above this will go to assist other families in the adoption process.


The Geurink Family said...

God is so good and He has moved in the hearts of His people because He loves and cares for those orphans even more than you. Keep trusting in Him and He will keep blessing your faithful hearts!!!!
All our love

Rebecca said...

Rejoicing with you at what God had done - and will do!