Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Lifesong for Orphans

Have you heard about these people: Lifesong for Orphans? What I have learned about this organization that promotes orphan advocacy is amazing. Last year they helped fund a group of Russian orphans to start their own gardening business, they have sponsored education and life-improving drives in Africa, and they helped 638 orphans come home to their forever families with financial grants or loans.

We are so excited that this organization has decided to partner with us! We have received a $2500 matching grant from Lifesong. That means that they are matching, dollar-for-dollar gifts made on our behalf up to $2,500. What that really adds up to is $5000!

The catch? Well, it is a time limited offer. All gifts given up until January 11th will be eligible for the matching grant. All gifts after that will still be credited to us, it just won't be part of the grant. So far, we know there is over $900 in our account at Lifesong! So we're about one-third of the way there. Woohoo!

So, you must be asking yourself, Jan. 11th? That's only one week away!

I know, the holidays sorta mess everything up, but I have good news for you. There is a paypal link! Yep, right now from the comfort of your computer chair, you can click here to be directed to Lifesong's donation page. Scroll down to find paypal options and make a gift. It's that easy. (Note: Lifesong does not take any part of any gift on our behalf for administrative fees, but paypal does. So the amount of the gift we receive will be just 1-2% less than the gift you make. Just so you know.)

To make sure the donation is credited to us and not their wonderful general fund, you need to designate Beuker #2355. Any gift is tax-deductible as Lifesong is a non-profit entity.

When we were first considering how to fund our adoption and pondering the idea of accepting gifts like this, I was truly uncomfortable. I don't want people to just give us money, we surely don't deserve other people's money. A friend commented, "But our money is helping orphans find a forever home." That help me put things in perspective. This isn't about me or my pride, but about two beautiful kids who God loves who need a home.

And as an added bonus, let me show you this:
This is the beginning of a quilt our family is making to help us visualize and remember the many wonderful people who are walking on this journey with us. I have created 100 leaves on which we will write the names of (hopefully) every person/family who helps. So far, I have names to fill 60 of them.

Wouldn't it be an awesome testimony of God's provision and love to fill every leaf? To have this quilt to wrap around our precious kids and help them understand how loved they were before they ever got here?

Thanks for wrapping your arms around our family. We have felt your love and prayers.

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Skooks said...

Nice! I love how it's coming together already!