Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A quick update

Currently, I have about 5 wonderful blog posts rolling around in my head. However, they aren't as wonderful when I sit down and try to actually transmit those words to print, so instead of those 5 fabulously wonderful posts, I'm gonna give you the brief account on this very unexpected life.

     Eric's new job is going very well. Our entire family is benefiting from regular hours and the routine that comes with it. He likes his work and is beginning to understand the enormity of what he has been hired to do.

My Job
     Finally, I've adjusted to this new life. And I think it's good. I'm still not very good at keeping a clean house, but it's getting less horrible as time goes on. As a household manager, however, I am proud to state that I came up with a system for the kids to keep their rooms neater. . .and it's working!

     I quit the school year a couple weeks ago. Really, I just quit. And our house has been much happier. With all the changes I think we all just needed a break--to be able to hang out without pressure, to learn new things (like how to clean and be part of the family responsibility). It's been lovely. We finished the year with all our programs and recitals. So now, I am already looking ahead--to the fun of next year. I've already been curriculum shopping (our learning is based on the 1800s next year!), starting planning monthly field trips with a friend, and just enjoyed the ability to learn and plan without the pressure of putting it into practice immediately.

     Wish I had something to tell you, but I don't. To be honest, it was emotionally difficult after the failed matching meeting, so I am not eager to repeat that. In fact, all has been silent out of Lesotho. We have learned nothing new. I am hoping that a summer full of fun will keep all of us distracted from dwelling too much on things we cannot influence or change. However, the kids are going to be doing some fundraising for our trip, so stay tuned on how you can bless their hearts!

     You may know that I am an aspiring writer. That's not always something I proclaim from the mountaintops. However, I have been diligently working on a manuscript that has a great story behind it. I write a couple times a week, shooting out about 1,000 words a session. I'm proud of my progress, even though sometimes it's like wringing water from dry towel. As of last night, I have 28,000 words. I had initially set my goal at 60,000 words (about a 150 page novel), but I think that's way short. So, I'm thinking I'll write about 100,000 words. That's a huge number of words, but it's a lot of fun. I like my characters even if I haven't written them well yet. I think that writing this first draft is more fun than that first edit is going to be, oh well.

Did I miss anything? Something you wanted to know but I forgot to tell you? Just ask!



Gail said...

Glad to hear things are going well.

Gail said...

This may be a challenging challenge for you ... but I did it and so can you. TAG you're it: http://thejottersjoint.wordpress.com/2012/06/14/lucky-me-the-lucky-meme/.


Rebecca said...

I'm curious to know more about Eric's job, especially since you used a word like "enormity". Just in case you're taking suggestions. If not, feel free to ignore. :)