Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A Christmas Wish List

[Note: This year I wrote a brief Christmas wish list/letter. It wasn't in most of our Christmas pictures. We decided to share it with you here. Merry Christmas from our crazy house to yours!)

A Christmas Wish List
From the Beukers

It’s been that kind of year. Lots of great and wonderful things, lots of hard stuff. We don’t even know where to begin on what to put in a Christmas letter, so instead you get a Christmas wish list.

Here it goes:

Josh is in 3rd grade. What does he want? To not have to wear his retainer anymore!

Katie is in 2nd grade. This year, she really wants her two front teeth (actually four missing teeth!) I love that gappy smile!
Olivia is 5 and in Kindergarten. She would really like to lose more teeth so the tooth fairy can visit more often.
But our greatest wish as a family is to bring home our kids. In April of 2011 we started the process to adopt 2 siblings from a small country called Lesotho (it’s land-locked within South Africa). We had expected to have them home by now, but instead we don’t even know who they are. It is our heart’s desire to bring home siblings. We have faced delays and frustrations, but we know that God’s plan is perfect for our family. A matching meeting is scheduled for early February—you’ll know we’ve been matched with waiting orphans from the sloppy grins that will cover our faces. You are invited to join in the story by following our family blog at

 This process is filled with unknowns. We don’t know how many kids we will be matched with. We don’t know when they will finally come home to us. We don’t know how we will pay for it all.

 There is one thing we know: this whole thing is really expensive. We estimate that by the time we are all done with the adoption, including travel and a three-week stay to pick them up, our expenses will be over $40,000. That’s a lot of money for a one-income family. We’ve paid for and saved about half at this point. But it is clear to us that we will not be able to afford all the remaining costs of this adoption on our own.

With humble hearts we ask you to consider being part of the story of our family’s adoption. We have been blessed with many gifts in the past year. Each one has lifted our hearts during times of discouragement and frustration. Each one brings us closer to bringing our kids home.

Last year, we were blessed to receive a matching grant from Lifesong for Orphans, a 501(c)3 non-profit ministry in Colorado. Our account at Lifesong is still open and able to receive gifts. Lifesong is a trusted organization that will administer the funds on our behalf, and will pay adoption expenses out of funds received. Every gift received by Lifesong on our behalf is tax-deductible.

This journey has been one of the most challenging of our lives, both as individuals and as a family. We covet your prayers as we look forward to meeting, then bringing home and parenting our children.

Christmas Blessings,

 Eric & Sammy Beuker
(with Josh, Katie, & Olivia)

There are two ways to make a donation.
1) You can follow the link on our family website (

2) You can send a check payable to: Lifesong. In the memo, write “preference Beuker #2355 adoption.”  (Note: In following IRS guidelines, your donation is to Lifesong which retains full discretion and control over its use).

Mail the check to:
Lifesong for Orphans
Attn: Beuker #2355 Adoption
PO Box 40
Gridley, Il 61744

We thank you in advance for your prayers and gifts on behalf of our family.

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