Monday, February 11, 2013

Your will be done

I wanted to write something wise and deep for this blog--to let you know that we are okay, to tell you that we are hanging on in spite of the many roadblocks in our path, that we are waiting anxiously yet peacefully for the 20th. My thoughts are all jumbled, they run together well in my head, but not so great on paper.

But I have tried, now 4 times, and the words are more than inadequate. They come out whiny, childish, and selfish.

So, let me just say this:

We are a blessed family. In the next two weeks we celebrate two of our wonderful children. We celebrate the love that we have for each other on Valentine's Day. We have the privilege of being surrounded by many (some we see, some we don't) who love us and are praying for us. We have the privilege of participating in our church's 24-7 prayer week, where we will pray that God's light break through darkness in our lives and our world.

Sometimes this journey seems very lonely. But we're not alone.

We are incredibly blessed. And grateful. And humbled.

But we are also challenged. That in this time of waiting that we still live well. That we continue to prepare ourselves (financially, emotionally, spiritually) for the life we desire--the one that includes a couple beautiful children not of our bodies, but born of our hearts. That we not dwell so much on our trials that we forget to see and support the trials of others.

Being in a place of waiting for God's will to be born out is challenging. We have many questions that we don't have answers for. We both toss around a bunch of "what ifs." We try not to borrow trouble from tomorrow, today has enough of it's own. Sometimes we're successful, sometimes we're not.

Ultimately, it is our prayer: "Your will be done. Your kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven."

And if in any way, we can be a part of your kingdom coming, let us do it joyfully and without restraint.

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