Sunday, March 29, 2009

Days without Daddy (Days 1, 2 & 3)

Wow, that's about all I can say, Wow! Eric is in Florida, working, and I am home with the three kids. Last time we did this, it was fantastic and wonderful, if just a bit too long. The kids and I had fun, played around and were pretty busy. This time, not so much. Today, the snowy weather sort of suited my mood--beautiful and captivating, yet at the same time unpleasant and unwelcome.

There are quite a few tired people in this house--and tired little people whine and cry and complain, tired big people don't handle that very well. That said, there is room for reflection and quite a bit of humor amidst the frustration and end-of-the-ropeness.

First, we spend an evening with dear friends in Zeeland where J got to try out all his new (and secondhand) soccer gear and K walked around most the evening in a tutu and tiara! OG dresses up, just trying to keep up with the other two!

Friday, Saturday and most of Sunday, however, were not great days in this house. I'll spare you the details, but suffice it to say, there was lots of crying "Mommy, _____ won't share! Mommy, make OG go away! Mommy, I wanted the pink cup! Mommy, I don't like your plan!" You get the picture.

After a painful (for me) bed-time last night--where all three were in tears at one point or another, I relented and K ended up sleeping with OG after OG had fallen asleep in our bed. It was so sweet after it wasn't aggravating.

I resolved to make today, Sunday, a better day. And for the most part it was. But today, all three missed Daddy! In church, J declared that he had no friends at all, none except Daddy and that he wanted to go home. Most of the early part of worship he spent close to tears. OG talks about Daddy home all the time--like when she is going to bed, Daddy home in the morning. It's sweet. And I've decided that the reason K doesn't like her room right now is that she misses her daddy and wants to be close to someone.

Although I know we'll be okay for the next couple days, we do get busy again when the week starts, we are a better home and a better family with our daddy in it. So, with that we send our prayers to Daddy, that he stay safe and come home to us quickly. We love you!


Meika said...

So would it be easier or harder if we got together this week? Hmm...

We saw M off this morning and this is the 'conversation' we had all day: "Daddy eepeen (airplane). Where Daddy go? Daddy eepeen. Home? Daddy home? More eepeen. More eepeen!"

Sammy said...

If I had to take the kids to the airport to drop off or pick up Eric, it would be a full crazy adventure--because they would never want to leave. J likes the airplanes, K likes the toy room and OG, well, she's just a maniac!

Marcy said...

We can totally relate to missing daddy/hubby. Ron is out of town this week too, he left this evening, and we miss him already. It does go to show how much better life and family is with both parents in it. But, I am thankful that he has a good job in this scary economy that allows him to support us so I can stay home and raise our children. That is s so important to us, and I am so grateful for the opportunity.