Sunday, April 26, 2009

Can't I Be Wonder Woman? Just for the day?

That's what I want to know--please, just for the day, make me the kind of woman who really can do everything--clean the house, take care of the garden, play and engage the kids in ways that encourage them, prepare fantastic food that everyone loves, love on my husband, take the needed time to be still before my Creator, build relationships with other people, learn a few new things, do a hobby or craft that encourages me and perhaps even relax a little. That's all I'm asking!

Oh, and I'd like to have enough patience to not yell at the kids for an entire day.

Am I asking too much? Of course I am.

I am on my way though, I can know things that I don't even see--like, J has just slammed the door to keep OG out of the room or is sneaking some food. (There are some talents that just come with being a mom--like the whole eyes in the back of the head. Yep, I've got them!)

And then, even though I know that I am asking too much, I still feel guilty about all the things that I never accomplish in a say, let alone a week.

But then I stop and think truly about this request and I realize that really I don't want to be Wonder Woman, I don't look that good those boots and don't have piercing blue eyes. So I guess that I will settle for being me--fuzzy, gray flyaways, semi clean clothes, house littered with books and dust bunnies--and full of God's grace and love.


Marissa said...

And keep in mind . . . from what I recall, Wonder Woman not only had no kids, but her only hobby was crime fighting. And I never saw her make a delicious dinner. Her house was either neat as a pin b/c she was never there, or a disaster b/c she was never there. Either way. You're great the way you are!

Casey, Annie, Brooklyn and Paige said...

Anyone who has three little ones is an automatic wonder woman. You rock!!

Meika said...

Personally, I see the resemblance. And think you should try the boots. Seriously, you could rock them if you wanted to.