Thursday, April 16, 2009


Today was the big day. J had his tonsils removed, and boy, was he a little trooper. Our day started very early (for us 5:30, for him 6). He was the first surgery of the day--we had a fantastic nurse, who was beyond words, great with J--made him feel at ease and explained everything, whether he needed it or not. He started the day dancing, seriously, he was dancing in the room. It was goofy and cute. When it was time to go, he hopped on the table to receive his anesthesia. But that's where the fun of the day ended for him.

After waking up from anesthesia, he was inconsolable. Lucky, his daddy is a calm spirit who also happens to be a nurse, so the recovery nurse trusted Eric enough to calm his own son. J looked so sad right after surgery. But after the meds kicked in, well, he was on a role.

This afternoon, we honestly had to force him to take it easy. He wanted to run around the house looking for our borrowed Diego video, he didn't want to take a nap or rest on the couch--he wanted to play. Sweet little man. And he was definetely jiving on the popsicles, gum, ice cream, and pop. So much so, that he took in way more sugar than he is used to (even though we used juice popsicles and plain ice cream) and ended up with a uneasy tummy. And honestly, thats been the hardest part so far--do we really have to eat that many popsicles? and ice cream? and clear pop? whenever he asks? And really, i shouldn't set limits on videos and games? Ahh, it so goes against every fiber of my being. But I know it is just for a week and in a few days, I will be allowed to not turn the tv on and make him play.

As we turned to evening, the glow of medicine and the tiredness of the day began to set in. I am rather confident that tomorrow will be much bumpier than today.

But today was good. God was good--he surrounded us with many, many people praying and supporting us. I am sure that's why we had such a good day. I pray that we have as much support tomorrow and over the weekend when it's not as fun!

Oh, and pictures are coming later--they're sweet, but the reader is not working right now.


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