Monday, April 13, 2009

Look What I did!

I'm a little proud of me, hopefully not in a vain, prideful conceited way, just proud of my accomplishment. What did I do? I made my daughter her Easter dress. As in I sewed, clothing, on a machine! I think I am so cool. (For full disclosure, OG was supposed to have a matching dress, but honestly, I'm not that good! I couldn't get both done in time.)

So here are the progressive pics. I ordered a kit from a cute little etsy shop that gave me everything I needed, including the fabrice already cut out and marked, so all I had to do is follow the instructions and voila, a dress. I haven't worked with my sewing machine in eaons. J & K wiped quite a layer of dust off of it. So in about 5 hours total time, I made a dress with cap sleeves and a cute ruffle!
And finally, my super-cute, slightly relcutant model. Beautiful, don't you think?


Andrea Robinson said...

SO cute! I'm impressed!

Marcy said...

Very cute! Nice job!

Marissa said...

That turned out great! I'll have to post pics of the one that I made for Naomi. I've still got a couple others to try for her. I got a different style but picked out the same fabric that you got for this one! (That one is still waiting to be made . . .)