Sunday, February 15, 2009

Be Aware of Wonder

A second note for today. Lest you think that all my love and pride is for my oldest born, I have such strong emotions for my second born. K is such pure, unadulterated joy! Today we watched Disney's Tinkerbell movie and she was enraptured. Every sight was a wonder, even though she had seen them before. She was captivated by the magic of the faries and the thought of spring. At the end, she just danced: twirling, leaping, running while singing the theme song.

This little one awakens in me such awe and makes me aware of the beautiful things around. Not because I don't know that they are there, but because she encounters beauty with such open emotion and joy. She is thankful for so many little things--and acknowledges how unique and wonderful God has made her. She makes me aware of wonder. She makes me want to give her more things to have wonder and awe for, because in this world it is so easy to forget how beautiful God has really made everything. She makes me want to protect her, so the world does not ruin her innocence or contaminate her joy.

Before she was born, Eric and I adamantly declared that she would not be a girly girl, she would not wear pink and hoped she would be the ultimate tomboy. God, in his glorious wisdom, gave us a girly girl who loves pink and princesses. I'm so glad he did. My life would not be nearly so colorful without her!

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