Monday, February 2, 2009

This Unexpected Life

I am living a life I never planned. Sure I thought that I would grow up and get married someday, but always in the back of my mind, in my imagination, I was a professional something. Successful and productive. I would enjoy what I did and be really good at it, everyday.

However, even as I professed such grand dreams as a PhD and a nobel prize for some writing, it didn't feel right, it didn't sit comfortably within me.

And so now I shouldn't be so surprised that I am the stay-at-home mom of three kids who are very close in age, that my main roles are those in support of those around me. But I am. And there are many days where I am neither successful nor productive nor do I necesarily enjoy what I do.

I shouldn't be so surprised that God led me to marry a man who brings out the best in me, even when I don't believe that the best is in me. Nor should I be surprised that I live in the core city of a medium sized Midwest city and am passionate about issues of equality and social justice and hunger, both here and around the world.

But I am. I am surprised almost every day that this is the life God has given me, that He has called me to.

That is this unexpected life, my unexpected life. And I am blessed


Marissa said...


Welcome to Blogger. I am excited to hear about all of the things you are looking to share. :)

P.S. How is the book draft coming?

Casey, Annie, Brooklyn and Paige said...

Welcome to Blogger dear friend :-D I always love your thoughts and life updates...keep 'em coming!!! Love to you all!

WAKonings said...

Hi Sammy! We always enjoy reading your thoughts! Makes me wonder when you'll be out with your book!

Meika said...

I stopped by. :) Can't wait to read more! We need to catch up soon.