Saturday, February 28, 2009

What I am not sad about giving up

Today in the mail, we received the annual statment from our Christian School association where the kids currently attend pre-school. Included in that was the proposed tuition amounts for 2009-2010. Every family is given the "option" to receive some grants totalling about $1,500, but I thought it would be interesting to post the current numbers for the different grades for the upcoming year. So you will read two numbers--the first is the requested tuition, the second is the required tuition (with the grant money subtracted.)

For 3-day kindergarten $5,905/4,420
Full time grades K-5 $7,730/6,245
Grades 6-8 $8,230/6,745
Grades 9-12 $9,135/7,650

Add to that the fact that we have three kids who are close in age who will all be in school soon and it adds up to a small fortune, a house down-payment per year, a year of college education or a brand spankin' new car. That is something that I am not sad to give up.

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