Sunday, June 28, 2009

Some Beginning Thoughts

So, it's the start of Week #5 of marathon training. This week I up my mileage by two miles (for a total of 17 miles). What are my thoughts at this point? Well, I want this, but I think it is hard, harder even than I had anticipated. Not the planning, I got that, but the actual commitment of doing it. Part of the reason that I want to do this is because I know that I am a pretty good planner--I think about most details in advance. I can gather the things that I need to be adequately prepared. I can do the research to tell me what I need to do.

And I can start.

But rarely do I find myself finishing. I feel like this is a test that I need to pass because it closely parallels another great task in my life. Can you guess? Yep, homeschooling. I can do all the planning and reading and preparing and research, but am pretty scared about actually doing the serious work that will allow me to be successful and complete well.

So I have started training for a marathon. I have completed 4 out of 20 weeks. What are my next steps? Well, I think that I need to actually sign up for the thing, you know, put down the money and commit once and for all. And then, tomorrow morning, I have to gather the will to get me and all the kids to the gym. After I get there, I need to run three miles on the track and lift weights. I figure any more out later.

And I have to contend that this is a serious physical battle. First, I have noticed that while I can have the energy for the runs, I am more tired, much more willing to go to bed at night. I think that running four days a week is taxing and affecting my energy/motivation level for some of the other tasks of my everyday life. I think that I need to adjust the way that I eat more to give me more energy--i.e. more pasta! (I think spaghetti and meatballs tomorrow night!) Also, today is the first day that my body hurts from running--my knees, my feet, my shins. All of them are the teeniest bit upset at me for the strain that I put them under yesterday (they definitely argue when I walk up and down the stairs!). More long runs might produce more similar results. This is part of the fight--not to let these things derail me, not to let little inconveniences be stronger than my desire to complete this marathon.

Finally, I am in the mental part of the game. This is a conscious choice. I have made a decision and I have to stick with it. A fellow marathoner (a friend who has actually completed one) was so encouraging to me today. There is something to be said about talking to someone who has actually experienced this. He told me that this is hard, but it's worth it. That this is a mental game and that I CAN DO IT! And you know what, I think that I might try believing him!

Thanks for your encouragement friends. I appreciate your questions and conversations, for listening to me ramble. Keep it up--that's part of what keeps me going!

P.S. In case you were wondering or if you even care--the bright orange site is in honor of my running tank that I love!

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Laura said...

You CAN do this! You are motivated and I know that you'll follow through and complete the marathon. God will give you the strength you need--keep trusting in Him!