Saturday, June 13, 2009

Week 2 Recap

Monday--2 miles (19.45)
So I ran at the gym today and ran two sub 10 miles. Perfect. Except for some achy arches, it was pretty great. I think that I like flat running courses. I'm not too good with hills yet! But I do have two challenges for myself. First, after reading last week's recap, I realize that my attitude, for lack of a better description, sucks! If I expect to complete this marathon, I'd better work on changing this. Besides, I want to do this, no one is making me run a marathon, I guess that my attitude should reflect this. Second, I need to work on my song mix. One dear friend sent me a great playlist, but I haven't had time to purchase and download it. So I am going through my playlists and am finding that there are definitly great running songs and not so great running songs. But at this moment, I am not so good at remembering which of the songs were the best to run to! Oh well, I'll get there! (P.S. I'd welcome any song suggestions out there--I'm a pretty ecclectic listener!)

Tuesday--3 miles (0.0)
Oh, was I supposed to run today? Maybe that should have been mentioned to the three kids who all were up in the night--and the two who slept in our room.
On a great positive note, I found myself a new running shirt that I want with the words "see mommy run" That's part of why I do this--becuase I want all of my kids to see the strength that comes from having a goal and the work it takes to complete it and the pride and joy that result from completion. I want them to know that mommy is strong and fit and healthy.

Wednesday--3.2 miles (34.00)
With a passenger--I'm pretty proud of me. I did the same run Eric & I did, but while pushing Olivia in a
stroller. It was hard because I was pushing her, but it was good. I stopped less than I did with Eric and felt good
about my accomplishment AND OG fell asleep halfway through, so I didn't have to try and figure out her
continual narration while running! Sweet!

Friday--.6 miles (7:22 minutes)
Nope, not a typo--but just the reality of this life. I wanted a run, I needed to get in a run, but had three kids and couldn't find 30 minutes worth of childcare (I tried). So after some encouragement from Manda, I decided to push one in the stroller and have the other two ride their bikes. Great Idea! They had both ridden their bikes to Jersey Junction and back with little help, so how bad would a little bike/run with mommy be? Worse! J decided that he had to stop and walk his bike across many of the intersections, K stopped randomly to get a goldfish snack. And everyone needed frequent water breaks! So we got to the church parking lot and I started hearing "Mommy, my legs hurt." I encouraged some push-through. Then 50 feet later, you guessed it, "Mommy my legs hurt."So I gave up and turned around, but still trying earnestly to jog a little. (I had been timing in vain hope against hope). Then K got off her bike and started walking it--becuase her legs hurt.
That ended my attempt at running with my kids. Maybe next time I will push two girls in the jogger and have J bike--he was having a great time and didn't really want to go home. But for now, I will just work a little harder to stick to pre-arranged childcare schedules. It's just easier that way!
Tomorrow--childcare arrives at 8:30 and I take my first 5 miler! The route is set. But I have to do it alone, Eric knows he'll be working, So--off I go!

Saturday--5.2 miles (55.24)
I did it! My longest run ever in my whole life. And I did it on my own, in the rain with a pretty decent time. I am proud of me and now even more determined that I will run this marathon.
Oh sure, 5 miles isn't much compared to 26.2--but in my life, I like a good, serious challenge (someone I know once called the Big hairy goals). I think I can do this and enjoy (most of it) it and be so proud of myself after.
What is also fun is that the kids are in on this too--This morning I was telling K that our babysitter was coming over and she was asking me if this is my long run race or just a practice long run. They are excited to see a new face and that gives me great motivation to get up, get ready and get out the door.
This is exciting for me! I hope you can hear that! And your encouragement along the way is so helpful (hint, hint). Oh and the marathon is on October 18 if anyone wants to mark it on their calendars to see me through to the finish line!

Total Mileage--10.4 miles!


Amy said...

Great job! I'll keep you in my prayers. When I ran my first (and only) marathon, I seriously felt like God was asking me to do it. I got on my knees and prayed that I would stay motivated esp. because it was very busy time (we were getting ready to move to Oregon and it was a very busy summer). I can relate to some of your feelings on wanted to do it and some of the struggles with child care. I wish I lived closer or I would totally offer to do a "kid swap" with your or take your kids to the park so you can get some miles in.

Anonymous said...

Way to go Sammy!! We should run together sometime...sounds like you run about my pace. I'm pretty sure I'm going to do the half-marathon. I'm not doing the Reeds Lake 10k only because I need to save up the funds. I totally hear ya about running with kids, I've decided it's just not worth all the frustration.

Casey, Annie, Brooklyn and Paige said...

You are doing so great :-D It's always a challenge with the kiddies..but you are managing very well!

Laura said...

Go Sammy Go! I know you can do it-keep up the positive attitude! :)

Valerie said...

Great work Sammy! Greg now has me running and I can complete about 3 - 3 1/2 kilometers (in American lingo that would be about 2 miles or 15 to 20 minutes of jogging). I can't image doing more and I keep telling Greg to remember that I only run because it brings him such joy when we run together. Keep up the positive attitude; your kids will learn tons from this!!