Sunday, June 7, 2009

Week 1 Recap

These little blurbs will be written the day I run them and then posted together at the end of the week--you know, so everything is fresh!

Monday--2 miles (which took way too long 10.33/10.21)
Seriously, is this how my training is going to start--feeling like I have a ton of bricks in my head, a raw nose and legs that don't want to work. The last thing I wanted to do this morning is run--sudden onset of allergies last night really knocked me over. My run felt that way today. Only two miles, but my legs were tight and I was just plodding along. I finally found some sort of rhythym on the last lap, but by then I was mentall done. But I did it. However, If all of this training is going to feel like this, I'm pretty sure I'm not going to make it past three weeks.

Tuesday--3.19 miles (34.00 minutes)
Okay, so today was my first serious outdoor run. And really it started out cold and windy. This is so not what I signed up for--I signed up for ease and fun and . . .I guess that I should then make my reservations for Jamaica! It wasn't too bad. I am learning that it takes me about 1.5 miles to warm up and before that warm-up running feels brutal and hard. Eric is a good encourager, although he tries to be funny when I don't want to hear funny. But that's part of why I love him! We finished with a seriously fast sprint (at least it felt that way!) and I expect that the sprint will get longer and faster as well as our overall pace get faster too!

Tuesday night--I'm tired and really hungry. Could these be related to my running? Hmm, I will ponder this a while with some beer and mozzerella sticks and get back to you.

Thursday--2.18 miles (24.30 minutes)
Yesterday, I seriously considered giving up running for life--I was achy, didn't want to move and generally creeked with every movement. But today, no complaints! Becuase of a change of plans, I ran outside on my own and discovered something. I feel much slower outside than I do on a track--but remarkably, am not as slow as a turtle. I will get faster.
And one thing I figured out--I will never run and then not stretch again! I am still trying to work the stiff & tired out of a couple muscles.

Saturday--4.92 miles (1.00 hour)
Yikes! Today's run was on the beautiful Mackinac Island. However, the run was not beautiful, or even pleasant. It was possibly some of the hardest running that I have ever done, certainly the furthest that I have ever run. The first mile us UPHILL! Did you hear me, UPHILL--through the center of the island--up steep paths that I don't even like to bike up! AHHHHHHH. Eric and I kept comparing how far we thought we had run (we later marked it on bike) I felt sure that we had gone at least five miles--how could it possibly take me so long to complete anything less than five miles? Maybe, I thought optimistically, we almost went 6! Nope, not a chance! not even 5! But I made it--and I am trying to remain positive.

Total Mileage for week--12.92. Not bad for a first week! Only 19 weeks left.

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Casey, Annie, Brooklyn and Paige said...

The first week is the hardest--it's gotta be downhill from here! Looks like you are making great progress. Keep it up, you're awesome!